Sand Harbor Wedding Photographer

Sand Harbor Wedding Photographer

Sand Harbor Wedding Photographer Doug Miranda Photography took these photos of a newly married couple on one of the giant boulders that dot this Nevada state parks shoreline just south of Incline Village. This was a busy summer afternoon just before sunset and we were lucky enough to find a these rocks that had no one on them. We ended up using this area for their sunset portrait session the rest of the evening.

Sand Harbor Beach Wedding Photos

Lake Tahoe elopement photographer Doug Miranda Photography loves capturing photos of couples who would prefer a smaller wedding or having an elopement all by themselves. Tahoe is the perfect place for eloping and elopement photography. There are many amazing locations around the Tahoe basin for these kind of small weddings to take place at. The biggest question is how to I go about eloping in Lake Tahoe or having a super small wedding in Tahoe?

Another Tahoe elopement location is Logan Shoals Vista Point and close by is the Cave Rock area, which is breath taking for hosting a small wedding or elopement. The other super popular location in Tahoe is Sand Harbor on the east shore just outside of Incline Village. Again this location is super packed with people during the summer months and would only be worth it if you’re willing to elope at sunset or during the off season months. Other than this your able to elope almost anywhere around Lake Tahoe as long as you have someone to marry you. There are also many alpine lakes, streams and meadows that surround the basin that are perfect for wedding ceremonies. Not all nuptials have to take place around the lake. Sometimes these other hidden gems are better than getting married around Tahoe.

Location: 2005 NV-28, Incline Village, NV 89452..